Reflections in a time of change

Autumn is a time of poignancy and beauty. Experiencing leaves turning vibrant colors, then shriveling and crinkling noisily underfoot, we are reminded of ever-present change and ultimately loss.

Letting go of the abundance of a summer’s harvest, this is a perfec

t time for looking inward and taking time for reflection.

In this season, we can pause and mindfully inquire:

  • In what ways is my heart closed, and how can it be more open?

  • When did I pass up opportunity, and when did I fully engage with possibility?

  • What sadness might I allow myself to feel deeply, and what joys might I celebrate fully?

  • When have I been silent when I was moved to speak, and when am I quick to speak when silence may be the wiser choice?

  • Where have I been holding on, and what is asking to be let go?

Mindful awareness encompasses all aspects of our lives: thoughts, emotions and behaviors, as well as relationships at work, at home, and with ourselves.

I invite you to take some time in nature to ponder these or your own questions and notice what insights emerge.

To what one breath can do,


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