One breath invites you to shine

The signature program of the Center for Mindful Awareness is SHINESM 

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The CMA mission

The mission of the Center for Mindful AwarenessSM (CMA) is to bring mindfulness into the lives of under-resourced people and the professionals who support them in order to deepen self-awareness, build resilience, promote self-regulation, strengthen family attachments, and reduce stress.

What is mindfulness

Mindfulness is a way of being with ourselves, with others, and in the world, with wisdom and compassion.

Who we serve

The Center for Mindful AwarenessSM is dedicated to reaching out to under-resourced communities. We focus our services on families and individuals challenged by homelessness, poverty, abuse, addictions, trauma and complex medical conditions.

What we teach

The CMA’s primary focus is bringing mindfulness to life by teaching both meditation practices and simple mindful awareness practices through our signature SHINESM program.

Work with us

Ask us about bringing our signature SHINESM program or customized workshops to your organization, or be in touch to schedule private mindfulness coaching.