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Mindful Awareness Mentoring Initiative June 2022

We have just completed a wonderful year-long project, funded by the Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger Fund. This project, called the Mindful Awareness Mentoring Initiative (MAMI), mentored professionals who work in infant, child and maternal mental health programs. Our focus was to teach a select group of mentees mindful awareness and self-compassion skills, first for their own practice, and then to share with their colleagues and directly with the young families they serve. The focus on mentoring proved to be productive and empowering.

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Mindful Handwashing Benefits Body and Mind

Amy Bloom Connolly offers a beautiful hand washing practice that tends to the body, mind and community.

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Presence in the Light of a Pre-dawn Moon

Every day, we meet people we don’t know. Embedded in those chance encounters are opportunities to connect and share meaningful present moment experiences. When we do so, our world expands, and our hearts are touched.

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