Aligning Being and Doing

breathing woman-2-150x150When you are ready to tackle your To Do list each day, you might like to play with this simple practice that can help bring greater purpose, focus and ease into your life.  Here’s how.

Before jumping into “what do I need to DO today?” you might like to begin with a practice of inquiry around the question, “How do I want to BE today? How do I want to show up, for myself and others?”

Taking a few moments to connect with your purpose from a sincere place of deep intention aligns you with what is truly important in your life. In this way, your doing flows more naturally from your being.

Here is a simple practice to explore right now. Sitting in stillness, letting your body and mind rest and be at ease, find and follow your breath for a few moments. When you are relaxed and comfortable, ask yourself the question, “How do I want to be?” Listen with curious attention as you patiently wait to see what bubbles up for you today. Don’t hurry this. Listen deeply, with an open mind and heart.

What qualities seem to arise? Patient, kind, calm, joyful, enthusiastic? Notice and savor those that seem to resonate as true for you today. (They will be different every day!) Once several qualities have become clear to you, create an intention to bring them into the tasks, moments and challenges of your day.

After you arise from sitting, you can more clearly embody what is most important for you. Then the items on your To Do list can be handled in a way that is more closely aligned with who you are and what brings you alive in this world.

To what one breath can do,

Amy Bloom Connolly

amy connolly

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