Equanimity in the face of difficult situations

What practice might remind you to find equanimity in the midst of the rush and challenges of your day? Read on for inspiration, ideas and a song by Betsy Rose to support your practice of cultivating balance in the midst of the hard stuff of life.

Honoring the Greatness Within

How might our country be different if we greeted everyone we meet by honoring the greatness within them? The practice of honoring greatness within ourselves and others, borrowed from the Tibetan greeting Tashi Deleh, is the first Key to Mindfulness in the SHINE program.

Aligning Being and Doing

Before jumping into, “What do I need to DO today?” you might like to begin with a practice of inquiry around the question, “How do I want to BE today? How do I want to show up, for myself and others?” Taking a few moments to connect with your purpose from a sincere place of deep intention aligns you what is truly important in your life. In this way, your doing flows more naturally from your being.