Creating inner calm by letting go of thoughts

Mindfulness helps us be more attentive to how our thoughts can disconnect us from our present moment reality. Only when we are aware of our thoughts can we choose to let them go. As we recognize they are simply transient electrical impulses in our brain and not our actual experience, they lose their power over us. When you find yourself pushed and pulled by thoughts, recall what we teach in SHINE…

Breathing Easy

We rarely pay our breath much attention as we move throughout each day. With mindfulness practice, we return our awareness . . . again and again . . . to the breath. The most important thing one SHINE participant learned recently was “that my breath is very helpful when I want to relax.”

Pausing to notice and celebrate life’s victories

It’s easy to get caught up in the goals, plans and details of of life and overlook the accomplishments we’ve had along the way. Taking a moment to notice those large and small victories provides renewed incentive to continue on. Here are a few of the recent victories I’ve been encouraged by from our work with underserved populations and those who support them.