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Gratitude in the Dark

Our capacity to practice gratitude in the midst of challenges may be the key to resilience and happiness in life. In fact, scientific evidence shows many positive effects of practicing gratitude. Celebrating gratitude as a practice powerfully contributes to the greater resiliency our SHINE graduates experience as they navigate the unique challenges they face.

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The wisdom of kindness

Kindness can be very simple. It’s in the little things of life: a smile, a helping hand, a thoughtful word or deed. And, what if, the next time you make a mistake, you dare to extend kindness instead of criticism towards yourself? Opening to what is possible through kindness is a simple and real way to impact the world that is right in front of you.

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Ten Years of ElderSHINE: Bringing Mindfulness and Joy to Life for Baltimore’s Seniors

Over the past ten years, ElderSHINE has been the source of much joy and connection for a group of low-income elders living in East Baltimore. This is how one ElderSHINE participant describes her experience: “You know I’d be fit to be tied if I missed my SHINE group! It’s my joy. It makes me a better person towards other people.”

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