Equanimity in the face of difficult situations

What practice might remind you to find equanimity in the midst of the rush and challenges of your day? Read on for inspiration, ideas and a song by Betsy Rose to support your practice of cultivating balance in the midst of the hard stuff of life.

Mindfulness in the Rush of Life

It’s easy to get swept into a “busy, busy” mindset and lose touch with the present moment. When the pace begins to take a toll, Lily Tomlin has wise words for us: “For fast acting relief, try slowing down.” It is very possible to create a slower, more mindful approach to life by building basic practices into your day. Here are a few simple ideas to get you started…

The difference pausing to STOP can make

In our fast-paced lives it is common to be on autopilot and not fully present to what we are saying or doing. When we use the “STOP” Key to Mindfulness, each letter helps us create a meaningful pause – a breathing space – before acting. STOP allows us to respond, rather than react to what is happening.