Turning Mistakes Into Learning Through Self-Compassion

When we are in the present moment, attuned to our surroundings, messages can come our way that are meant for us to receive that very day.

One morning last week at the gym, I glanced at the whiteboard where a kind and friendly trainer posts inspirational quotes. The words resonated deeply with me, perhaps because of their simplicity and wisdom.

That afternoon I was facilitating a SHINE group in a local women’s shelter and remembered the quote. I shared it with the group, and their response was immediate and enthusiastic.

“Can we write that down?” “I need to have that!”

We decided to create wallet sized cards with the quote and distributed them to the participants at the next session. They were thrilled to have this little wisdom card to carry with them. I later shared this story with the trainer at the gym, and we both delighted in knowing that his gesture of sharing inspirations had truly grown wings and traveled far.

Here is what was written on the cards:

We all make mistakes.
Let the mistakes go
and keep the lessons!

Too often we are hard on ourselves for making mistakes. When we bring self-compassion to human error, we can open to the understanding that there is always something to learn from our mistakes that can bring positive growth to our lives.

What mistakes are you willing to acknowledge and release, and what lessons will remain to inform your next steps?

To what one breath can do,

Amy Bloom Connolly, Founder

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