Gratitude from a SHINE Participant

In SHINE, we emphasize gratitude because of the powerful effects it has on the physical body, as well as mental and emotional outlook. Research shows that people who practice gratitude by keeping a gratitude journal are healthier, more optimistic and more likely to achieve their goals.

iStock_000005625536_SmallLast week I facilitated the final session of a 10-week SHINE program with the staff of The Baltimore Station, a therapeutic residential treatment program for veterans transitioning out of homelessness. During the time for participants to share victories and what they had learned in SHINE, Sam surprised us all with this poem he had written, along with his reflections and gratitude. With his permission, I am sharing it here in this season of gratitude…

by Sam McClenon

Know and Let Go, was a challenge we had one week

A Swirling Mind, Breathe it Into Stillness that’s the goal we seek

Is What I’m About To Say An Improvement On Silence, give that statement some thought

Slow Down, and now make good use of the time that you just bought

It’s Just A Thought, an idea, it is all about the attitude

Be positive and compassionate, and you will Celebrate Gratitude

STOP, Breathe Easy, be open, then you can clearly proceed

Mindfulness means being more aware and that’s a positive indeed

. . . . . . . . . . . .

“These mindfulness sessions have been very helpful to me… I would like to thank Ms. Amy for coming and sharing her knowledge…

I have come to realize that when I meditate to reach a calm and serene state that it helps me when things start to get hectic. I will remember that this is not something you can benefit from unless you keep practicing…

I have seen the results by coming each week. The more I come and participate the deeper I am able to meditate. I believe in our field that is call practice-based evidence. There is also evidence-based practice. For me, I have experienced far less tension when dealing with people and situations since I started mindfulness sessions, and my blood-pressure has been consistently lower for the past 8 weeks. I have benefited and enjoyed these sessions. I just want to say THANKS!”

May your season of thanksgiving be graced with moments of joy and gratitude.

To what one breath can do,



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