Each One Teach One

In teaching mindfulness practices to a group of individuals, we often are not aware of how these learnings ripple out into community. The informal sharing of these practices, sometimes in frightful circumstances, can have surprising and powerful effects on the lives of others.

Gratitude from a SHINE Participant

In SHINE, we emphasize gratitude because of the powerful effects it has on the physical body, as well as mental and emotional outlook. Research shows that people who practice gratitude by keeping a gratitude journal are healthier, more optimistic and more likely to achieve their goals.

Mindfulness in the Rush of Life

It’s easy to get swept into a “busy, busy” mindset and lose touch with the present moment. When the pace begins to take a toll, Lily Tomlin has wise words for us: “For fast acting relief, try slowing down.” It is very possible to create a slower, more mindful approach to life by building basic practices into your day. Here are a few simple ideas to get you started…