Join Us for Nurturing Ourselves Through Mindfulness – Radical Self Care: Feb 22nd @ 9am

As you juggle work and home life, do you find yourself looking for practical ways to create an oasis of calm?
Is your “noisy mind” filled with self-judging?
Do you feel constantly stressed at work?
Do you often react automatically to situations, wishing there was another response?
Come and nurture yourself at our monthly Nurturing Ourselves Through Mindfulness Workshop. Each month, we explore ways to bring mindfulness to life, using the acclaimed SHINE model.

Welcome to the Center for Mindful Awareness Blog!

It’s been quite a journey launching this website – and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Finally, we have a place to share everything we’re doing towards our mission of bringing mindfulness into the lives of under-served people and the professionals who support them. My hope is that you’ll take some time to see what we’ve created here and, in doing so, come to understand why it matters so much.