Honoring the Greatness Within

Robert Cooper’s book, Executive EQ: Emotional Intelligence in Business contains a beautiful story about a little boy from Tibet. During Cooper’s visit there, the child taught him the traditional greeting “Tashi Deleh” which in translation, means, “I honor the greatness within you.” Curious, the child then asked how people greeted one another in America, and whether “Hello” had the same meaning as it did in Tibet.

How might our country be different if we greeted everyone we meet by honoring the greatness within them?

We begin and end each SHINE program by repeating this simple greeting, Tashi Deleh. It is also the first Key to Mindfulness we teach in SHINE.

Participants are invited to consider how their lives and community would be different if they greeted family, friends and people on the street in a way that honored their greatness.

Taking a moment to honor the greatness within ourselves and one another is a powerful practice. Expecting and believing in the best costs nothing, and can be done in a moment. Beginning with this intention can change the direction of a conversation, a meeting, a relationship.

How might you honor the greatness in yourself and others today?

To what one breath can do,


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