Mindful Handwashing Benefits Body and Mind

One of the things we continue to do many times each day as we navigate life during this pandemic is wash our hands. Here is a beautiful mindful handwashing practice which I adapted to use during these times of cleansing self-care. Many folks have found it to be a nurturing addition to their ritual.

This simple practice reminds us that we are keeping our hands clean not only to benefit ourselves, but for the benefit of others as well.

As we lather and wash, we can repeat these phrases:

May I be well, may I be safe, may I be healthy, may I be at ease;

May my family and friends be well, may my family and friends be safe, may my family and friends be healthy; may my family and friends be at ease;

May all people be well, may all people be safe, may all people be healthy, may all people be at ease.

Taking in the meaning of each phrase as we slowly and carefully wash our hands can help us slow down and let the parasympathetic nervous system do its work of calming and restoring balance.

Doing this practice takes well over the 20 seconds recommended by the CDC, and leaves us with clean hands as we cultivate kindness, health and safety for ourselves and others.

To what one breath can do,







Amy Bloom Connolly, Founder

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