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Keys to Mindfulness


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These Keys to Mindfulness contain the informal mindfulness practices taught in SHINESM. A companion card containing inquiry questions to guide you in using the keys in your life accompanies each set of ten keys.

Your purchase helps support the work of the Center for Mindful AwarenessSM in expanding our work with families who are homeless, low-income elders, people in recovery, women in transitional housing and families with young children with disabilities.

Acclaim for the Keys to Mindfulness

A wise teacher of mine once said, “When you wake up lost in a daydream or caught in a strong emotion, you have two choices. You can get angry with yourself for forgetting, or you can celebrate the fact you remembered. Celebration is the better option”. The Keys to Mindfulness provided by the Center for Mindful Awareness are all about helping you celebrate what is most important in your life.

~ Jonathan Foust, MA, CSA
Guiding Teacher, Insight Meditation Community of Washington
Founder of the Meditation Teacher Training Institute

Mindfulness teacher Amy Bloom Connolly has brought her many years of teaching and vast experience together in the form of these simple, practical, and extremely accessible Keys to Mindfulness, which bloom into a beautiful purple lotus flower when held in the hand. You can savor the entire bloom, or pluck just one petal of these innovative keys to bring more clarity and peace to your busy day. Plus, knowing that the proceeds from the sale of these keys helps to bring these teachings to underserved people can make your choice to be mindful even more joyful.

~Shell Fischer, MFA
Founder & Director
Mindful Shenandoah Valley