Creating inner calm by letting go of thoughts

Mindfulness helps us be more attentive to how our thoughts can disconnect us from our present moment reality. Only when we are aware of our thoughts can we choose to let them go. As we recognize they are simply transient electrical impulses in our brain and not our actual experience, they lose their power over us. When you find yourself pushed and pulled by thoughts, recall what we teach in SHINE…

Releasing Thoughts With Ease

In our work with the staff at PACT, we provide a “Monthly Mindful Moment” featuring an inspiration, a mindfulness practice and a resource. Here’s an example of what we are sharing this month.

Pausing to Respond to Life’s Challenges

This pause reconnected him with what was really important, and gave him the space to consider what he wanted to do with the strong feelings within.

We each have that capacity. We can learn to STOP, take a breath, open and observe what is happening with our thoughts and feelings, consider the impact of our actions, and then choose how best to respond.