Looking inward, embracing opportunities

As the days grow shorter and darkness envelops more of our days, I am learning once again that our resistance to embracing even the most wonderful of opportunities is part of being human. My two sons helped me see my own resistance recently, and I’m on way to the other side of the world!

Mindfulness in the Rush of Life

It’s easy to get swept into a “busy, busy” mindset and lose touch with the present moment. When the pace begins to take a toll, Lily Tomlin has wise words for us: “For fast acting relief, try slowing down.” It is very possible to create a slower, more mindful approach to life by building basic practices into your day. Here are a few simple ideas to get you started…

Young Parents Growing Together

SHINE is helping young parents grow, navigate life’s challenges, and become better parents. We recently graduated a group of young parents from a 10-session SHINE program. During our 10 weeks together, we focused on the Keys to Mindfulness [LINK], shared victories, practiced mindful listening and speaking, and learned ways to reduce stress and deal with strong feelings. The parents themselves had a lot to say about what they learned and how it is making a difference in their lives.