Presence in the Light of a Pre-dawn Moon

Every day, we meet people we don’t know. Embedded in those chance encounters are opportunities to connect and share meaningful present moment experiences. When we do so, our world expands, and our hearts are touched.

Shhh! I’m Listening!

Mindful communication includes careful attention to both speaking and listening in order to be more fully connected in conversation. When we listen with our full presence, both the speaker and the listener are rewarded. Amy shared some mindful listening practices to a senior retirement home, and the lessons learned were happily received.

The Gift of Curiosity When Things Do Not Go as Planned

We have all been there! Planning something and expecting it to go, for the most part, as planned. Yet it doesn’t. How we choose to react to what is happening as it unfolds matters greatly. Seeing through the lens of curiosity when things are not going as planned can allow for a positive shift in perspective and often generates surprising and effective outcomes.