Managing anger through mindful self-regulation

It is part of the human experience to feel anger, as well as other strong emotions like fear and resentment. Read on to for how to approach these emotions from a mindful perspective, the Lipstick Lady’s story, and a practice you can use right now.

Transforming Lives, Shifting Culture

We are thrilled to be equipping the staff of various city agencies this year with mindfulness tools that lower their stress levels and help them maintain focus and calm in challenging situations. The Baltimore Station Executive Director commented, “I was struck by the openness and increased introspection among the staff. With SHINE, we created a space … so that regardless of staff position, they all began to relate positively to one another.”

Buidling the Inner Technology to SHINE

The wide-ranging benefits of mindfulness and meditation are appearing with great frequency in the national press. Recently, the topic was featured locally as well, in an article summarizing a conversation about the connections between toxic stress, trauma, neuroplasticity, empathy, and one’s capacity to learn.