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Nurturing Yourself Through Mindfulness CD – for SHINE Participants

The MP3 files at the links below are the two guided meditations from the Nurturing Yourself Through Mindfulness CD provided to participants in the SHINE program. They are designed to help you develop greater self-awareness and calm. The first track includes an introduction to the practice of mindfulness meditation. The second shorter track (a core practice in the SHINESM program) can be used on days when you are especially busy.

Both meditations teach gentle ways to work with your wandering mind, and connect you with the natural resource of your own breath. Before and after each meditation, you will also hear beautiful Native American flute music, composed and performed by award-winning musician Jan Seiden.



To listen to a meditation now, click on the link below. You may want to bookmark the link and come back to listen to it at any time.

To download one of the mp3 files, right-click the link and choose “Save as…” or “Save Link as…” to download to your computer. From there, you can transfer them to a mobile phone since these files will not download directly to a mobile phone.


Track 1: Resting in Awareness

Track 2: Being at Peace