About the CMA


The mission of the Center for Mindful AwarenessSM (CMA) is to bring mindfulness into the lives of underserved people and the professionals who support them, in order to deepen self-awareness, build resilience, promote self-regulation, strengthen family attachments, and reduce stress.

We address the complex issues facing under-resourced families by providing a deeply respectful environment for participants as they access and experience insights drawn from their own mindful awareness practices. The personal, experiential and responsive nature of each program is its strength.

All people have the capacity to learn and grow. The CMA believes that the best way to facilitate learning is to nurture mindful self-awareness within the context of relationship-focused, strength-building inquiry.

We accomplish this mission by teaching research-based mindful awareness practices, (such as those studied by Dr. Dan Siegel and others) through the signature SHINESM (Support Honor Inspire Nurture Evolve) program. SHINESM is a nine-week program which focuses on teaching formal and informal mindfulness practices to underserved community members, as well as to the practitioners who serve them.


The CMA is recognized as an innovative agent for change for individuals, families and neighborhoods. The CMA program will be woven into the fabric of Baltimore’s non-profit community; especially in the way it provides compassionate care, education and support to its most vulnerable citizens. The CMA will be a national resource for innovation in teaching mindfulness to marginalized citizens, caregivers and organizations.

We are honored to have the current support of the Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger Fund, and the Blaustein Foundation. As a program of Fusion Partnerships, Inc., the CMA has 501 (c)(3) nonprofit status.


The Center’s dual purpose is to improve the physical and mental health outcomes for individuals and families, and positively impact the cultures of service-based organizations.

Building on four years of successful work with Kennedy Krieger’s PACT program, we are expanding our work in a new two-year project. This will bring the SHINESM program to PACT’s families who are challenged by homelessness; raising medically fragile children; and dealing with parental intellectual disability. At the end of 2015, PACT will be a pilot example of the ways mindfulness can benefit an entire organizational culture and its delivery of services.

An essential goal for the CMA is to ensure the sustainability and impact of mindful awareness practices within our partner organizations by training qualified individuals as facilitators.

We are seeking other pilot sites who wish to implement a full-service mindfulness training program. Learn more about how to join our mission.